Promoting Mental Health in Schools: Strategies for Success

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Promoting mental health in schools is crucial for the overall well-being and success of students. Here are some strategies that can be effective in achieving this goal:

Implement a Mental Health in Schools Strategy: The Ministry of Education emphasizes the importance of mental health promotion in schools through its Mental Health in Schools Strategy . This strategy focuses on creating a supportive environment and providing resources for students’ mental well-being.

Incorporate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Social and emotional learning is a proven approach that promotes mental health and academic success SEL techniques, strategies, and concepts can be integrated into the classroom to enhance students’ emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and relationship skills.

Provide Mental Health Training and Resources: Schools can offer mental health training and resources to educators, staff, and students. The Ohio Department of Education, for example, provides a Mental Health and Trauma Training Library and a Mental Health Module Series to support ongoing education on topics such as trauma-sensitive schools, classroom strategies, and school wellness .

Create a Health-Promoting School Environment: A health-promoting school is one that prioritizes the well-being of its students and staff. It fosters health and learning, engages various stakeholders, provides a healthy environment, implements policies that respect well-being, and offers programs for counseling, social support, and mental health promotion .

Raise Mental Health Awareness: Schools can play a vital role in raising awareness about mental health. By organizing events, workshops, and campaigns, they can help reduce stigma, increase understanding, and encourage open conversations about mental health .

Implement Evidence-Based Interventions: Schools should consider implementing evidence-based interventions to address specific mental health issues. Research is being conducted on interventions for various mental health problems, such as eating disorders, self-harming behaviors, neurodevelopmental disorders, and more .

Promote Collaboration and Integration: Collaboration between education, mental health, and health researchers is essential for developing effective strategies. Integration of health and mental health services within schools can also improve access to support and ensure a holistic approach to student well-being .

Focus on Prevention: Prevention strategies can be effective in targeting at-risk groups and preventing the development of mental health disorders. By implementing whole-school strategies that promote mental health and well-being, schools can create a positive and supportive environment for all students .


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